Military Badges and Medals

Military badges can identify a lot about a person in the military. A cap badge can tell you if a person is in the Army Navy or Air Force it can tell you which regiment or corp somebody is in the military and some cap badges can even tell you what rank people are. Cap Badges are worn on berets field service caps service dress caps Glengarry or Tam O’Shanter to name a few deptofmarketing A large proportion of Cap Badges are metal and have a vertical slider however some regiments prefer two loops secured.

Military Combat Knives

Edged weapons fell out of favor on the battlefields of the world as firearms deadlier and with a much longer reach came into common use. Few military forces train with blades today, except as a last resort skill and in ceremonial drills. Todays combat knives, swords and other traditional weapons grace the walls of collectors homes and offices much more often than they see actual use The mystique of these weapons carries on regardless of need. Modern edged weapons are as versatile as ev…

Military Beret

The Maroon Beret is famously worn by the Parachute Regiment also attached arms previously of Airborne Brigade and now 16 Air Assault Brigade. The Beret is also worn by the Elite Pathfinders. Commando Green Commando Forces Royal Marines The Commando Green Beret is famously worn by the Royal Marines and Members of the Special Boat Squadron SBS however it is also worn by attached ranks to Commando Brigade Only those attached ranks who have passed the elite Al.